Our design philosophy stems from the elements of harmony, space, light, furnishings, and memories. The myriad details we delight in all flow from a seed concept to create the feeling that ‘all is as it should be.’


It is not enough for individual pieces to be beautiful. Each must also be right for the setting and must contribute to a whole that is greater—even more appealing, even more comfortable—than the sum of its parts.


From an interior architecture perspective, when we think about living in a space, we seek to create both a feeling and an experience. For us, space is fundamentally about layering. Take the layer of entering. We ask ourselves: Where do you want to be as you enter? What do you see? Where is the first ‘pause place’? How does the space look before you move into it? Every space, from a cupboard or a closet to a room or a porch, calls for layering that will delight the eye, satisfy a need, and engender a sense of well-being.


At Stone Interiors, we think about the sources of light very early on. This refers to natural light as well as to architectural lighting, which offers almost endless esthetic possibilities. Natural light is a moving target, and we design door and window treatments that provide graceful options for framing or muting a view, opening up or enclosing a space. We layer the lighting for different moments during the day, for different moods, for all the ways you live in the space.


We seek to compose a space rather than to fill it. We think of what goes in a space as sculpture. We design pieces ourselves so we can customize how things work (functional practicality) and how they fit the space (scale and proportion). We apply these criteria to furniture and lamps, and also to textiles and trims, fixtures and hardware. Some pieces are site specific. We want even background pieces to have a beauty, a life about them.


Ultimately, it is memories that bring personal meaning to a space, making it fulfilling rather than merely beautiful. We seek not only to make a fitting home for cherished objects - from children’s art to fine art, from mementos to collections - but also to create an environment that will be the backdrop for memorable experiences.