"Stone Interiors collaborated with us as homeowners and the project architect with a shared vision to capitalize on the view of the lake and natural surroundings to create a practical, functional home to enjoy in four seasons. Stacy's architectural training was a strength as the interiors build on the structure and materials in scale, while also complement vs compete with the view. And the project was completed with a long-distance relationship via email and telephone. It was a pleasure working with the Stone Interiors team and I'd strongly recommend the firm to anyone looking to build or remodel."

Jennifer W.

"Stacy and her team transformed our very ordinary home into an unbelievable sanctuary that makes us feel like we are on vacation every day of the year. Stacy is one of those rare visionaries who can see exactly what should be done. For years we had looked for another home in the Bay Area and could never quite find what we wanted. Instead, with Stone Interiors, we found someone who could help us remodel our existing home into the dream house we were looking for elsewhere. Her vision for space, furniture, materials, color and lighting was even better than we could articulate. Stacy's gift is to be able to listen to what we wanted, and then take the ideas further than we could imagine. We recommend Stone Interiors without reservation."

Susie L.

"Stone Interiors has transformed my house from essentially nondescript into a home that reflects my taste, values, personality, style and needs. My home honors my entire family. It is beautiful yet casual, and highly functional. It flows, it works when I am alone, when it is filled with my kids and their friends, and when I entertain. It is cheerful, peaceful, calming, and is a true haven for my family. I have never been someone who was particularly attached to their home, but I am now. This is all completely due to Stacy and her team at Stone Interiors. I cannot recommend Stone Interiors highly enough."

Nina F.