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The spaces we design do more than fulfill your needs — they elevate your experience in all senses.

How We Work

The elements of our process are the essence of classic storytelling: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Our process is the opposite of formulaic, in that every project has its own particular starting point, shaped by the client's input.

We listen intently to form our early inspirations. Then we begin exploring the layers of possibilities. The client remains central to design decisions and curation as we move forward. Many creative solutions evolve via the camaraderie and interplay of ideas.

We consider our artisan collaborators part of our team. The
longevity of these relationships deepens our partners’ understanding of Stone Interiors’ way of thinking and our love of detail. The beauty of every design is studied and intentional, and the effect is one of comfort and ease.


SS portrait5
Stacy Stone

Behind founder Stacy Stone’s quiet exterior is a remarkable intuition. She is able to internalize a client’s needs and desires until her
“aha! moment” reveals inspired—and often unexpected—ways to
interpret them.

Stacy has always inspired confidence. Her first clients—notably Levi's and Esprit—trusted Stacy to transform their retail spaces into innovative shopping experiences across the country. Since Stacy’s early successes, the architects and clients Stone Interiors partners with, time and again, have placed great store in Stacy’s perspective, her ability to think
like an architect.

Stacy leads the team on each project, playing to everyone’s particular strengths. Collectively, we develop a visual language unique to
each project.

A native Californian, Stacy spends as much time outdoors as possible. She continually looks to soften the divide between indoors and out, to expand the sense of beyond. She also has a habit of assessing places for their potential to elevate an experience.


Stone Interiors
2998 Washington Street
San Francisco, CA 94115