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Mountain Cabin

We wanted to push the boundaries of design quality for a mountain cabin. Stone Interiors delivered an interior that perfectly complements the structure and reinforces nature. — The Client

This cabin’s isolated setting is the star, and the breathtaking views are the art. We decided to frame the natural beauty rather than to “decorate.” The cabin is wood, iron, and stone, all handcrafted. It is modern, comfortable, and timeless—and truly built to last for generations. It’s also in the middle of nowhere, running on a generator. The client describes the overall feel as “sophisticated wilderness.”

Everything we designed, and every fabric we sourced, was selected for durability and easy maintenance. We lined the living room with continuous deep seating (atop a super-deep platform). It is long enough to comfortably sleep three extra adults or two adults and three children. Drawers underneath hold all the bedding.

Minimizing the volume of laundry will always be a priority here. We had hemp napkins embroidered with alpine motifs so that everyone can recognize their napkin. Bathroom towels have three different colors of blanket-stitching around their edges, making it easier for the family to return the linens to the proper bathroom.

We designed luxurious fireplace blankets for lounging on the carpet, shearling on one side and cashmere on the other. They have proven so popular with the family and their guests, that they’ve become a signature gift from the client. We have had the “gift blankies” backed in several different colors of cashmere.

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