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LA New Century Modern

This home, in a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, is an oasis of visual delight. Beyond the yellow front door is an unexpected enclave: the two-story main house, a Provençal garden, and an indoor-outdoor pavilion. We had the luxury of collaborating with the architects and the art consultant to capitalize on the interplay of art, natural light, and the clients’ artistic pursuits.

The clients were excited to select artworks that would inspire Stone Interiors’ design direction. They worked with an art consultant we recommended, to find pieces they loved. The consultant’s extensive knowledge was integral to our creative process. He summed up the collaboration: “I think the space turned out so beautifully that it is a source of joy. The home and furnishings complement the art, which is not only lively and idiosyncratic, but also expressive of the clients' complex and delightful characters.”

The primary suite also reflects how the clients like to work and to play, with a combination office-music room. We designed the desk, music cart, guitar wall, and bookshelves.

The courtyard and garden become an outdoor “inner sanctum” that feels intimate yet visually expansive. Even for frequent guests, it seems a delightful surprise. The dining tabletop, made from lava rock and finished in a glassy yellow glaze, is impervious to the salt air, sea gulls, and sunlight.

The adjacent pavilion opens onto the ping-pong table and fire pit area. We designed seating that provides a view of the entire courtyard and garden—and can easily be rolled outside. Glass walls and full-height white canvas draperies—both fully retractable—allow for a private enclosed space, as well as an outdoor room with a view.

Project Partners: Walker Warner Architects, Dowbuilt, Fiore Landscape Design, O’Connor & Associates Art Advisors
Photography: Matthew Millman

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