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Marin Family Home

Stacy’s team created a great aesthetic relationship between the interior and the exterior of our home. Our house lends itself to dressing up, to decorating for a seasonsuch as the holidaysor an event. We can change how the house looks and feels at a particular point in time. the great room and the butler's pantry are perfectly set up for entertaining, for us and for the caterers. The Client

Our design brief for this young family was quite brief: performance and comfort. Beauty, as always, was a given. We designed the interior for versatility, to feel intimate yet expansive. The home is family friendly throughout, embodying elegance for everyday living. Both children have a personal play/reading loft in their bedrooms. The son’s “fort” is actually part of the attic space, accessible via a climbing wall or a sliding ladder; the daughter’s

loft doubles as overnight guest quarters for her friends, with a floor mattress and cubbies. We selected wallpapers for the children to choose from for their bedroom ceilings, based on their interests.

The breakfast nook is a daily focal point, with built-in niches for stashing projects, toys, and games. The custom table is untippable, with an indestructible stone top.

Project Partners: Chambers + Chambers Architects, Jetton Construction, Frederika Moller Landscape Architecture
Photography: Alanna Hale Photography

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