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San Francisco Edwardian

When our family comes home from a trip, no matter where we’ve been, we think, “We are lucky to live in this home. It is so beautiful.” We feel very happy here. — The Client

This home, on the second and third floors of an Edwardian, has wonderful views of San Francisco Bay. The natural light almost seems as if it is reflecting off the water. Stone Interiors set out to provide a unifying aesthetic between the two stories and to enhance the sense of airiness throughout. We played up a feeling of expansiveness by developing a simple palette of materials with low contrast and similar tones. The slight variations on a theme combine to create a visual sense of subtly textured calm, from floors to window treatments to lighting.

The architect provided a wonderful metaphor for the overall feel of the renovation: “This house reminds me of a Chanel dress—classic, sophisticated, minimal, a bit glamorous, with just the right modern touches. It is a reflection of the client’s sensibilities, and Stone Interiors brought these elements seamlessly together.”

The client brought to the project two different sensibilities—and cherished possessions—which we blended to create a balance of elegance and comfort.


Stone Interiors put the family antiques in relief throughout the house, rather than creating a “dark wood zone” or an eclectic mix. Liberating an inherited landscape from its heavy wood antique frame, we floated it within a thin white frame. Antique chairs are positioned to be backlit by natural light. In the dining area, a small modern piece by Bay Area artist Tor Archer rests in a glass box on a plinth atop a dark wood heirloom table. The artist also created a pair of sculptural coffee tables for the living room, with airy bases of metal branches.

In the living room, tall white linen draperies suggest classical columns, expanding your sense of the height of the room, while framing the windows and the view. In one of the baths, we designed a large oval mirror to float in the double-hung window directly behind the sink. Throughout the home, the window treatments are practical, and the light is flattering. Nothing interrupts your sense of unfolding rooms and views beyond.

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