California Ranch


This Is Primarily A Masculine Environment, In A Sophisticated, Contemporary Way. It Pays Reverence To The Nature Around It, With This Great Flexibility To Go From Male Bastion To Family Camp.

In the beginning, several families came together to steward the largest private waterfowl reclamation project undertaken in California. Stacy was our architect’s first and only thought. For Stone Interiors, it would have been much easier to do a high-end club appealing to only one type of aesthetic, the cigar-smoking duck hunter. We wanted the lodge to serve as a duck-hunting retreat, but its ‘design mission’ is to be a family place.

The design team created an environment that everyone who walks in can appreciate. I attribute the design flexibility both to the architect and to Stacy, in terms of the flow, the configuration of space. We’ve had 23 people from two generations gather very comfortably for meals, and the lodge retains its feel of calm and sanctuary. It is truly our shared resort.