Idaho Lake House


Stacy's Background In Interior Architecture Is A Definite Strength. She's Able To Work From A Plan Or A Photo, And To Nail The Scale. The Scale Is A Big Part Of What Makes The House So Harmonious.

We ‘tracked down’ Stone Interiors because of a floor that really appealed to us, at a Napa Valley winery they'd done.Then, for our home, I think what made the relationship with Stacy so successful is that we were all on the same page throughout the design process. The architect was a really important part of our team. The expectation was clear in terms of quality and craftsmanship, within a modern and warm style.

We had a shared vision for what the end result would be. This project was our opportunity to build a legacy for our children. It’s also our place to go and make memories with our family and our friends—in the classic ways people used to spend time together. Stone Interiors designed pieces that work beautifully and flexibly with the way we live. The effect is refined, but each thing in its own way is so simple, and so lovely.