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2: Reflections on playing with light

Autumn 2020

Now that we are well into autumn, the days are definitely feeling shorter. This season is such a glorious time for light from the sun in California. The ash in the late summer skies prompted me to reflect on how we rely on natural light for our psychic energy and sense of well-being.

When I was ten or eleven, I loved to sneak into the backlot of an enormous lumberyard. I would move smaller pieces of wood and place them between the large stacks to create hut-spaces in which I could lie down and gaze at the light filtering in through my ceiling. I built many of these, experimenting with the ceilings. I probably didn’t yet know the words motes or dappled, but I was fascinated by controlling the feel of the space with nothing but light.

At the studio, we are hyper-attuned to the essential power of natural light and continue to explore unexpected ways to introduce it in our work.