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No. 6: A bucket list of sorts

Spring 2022

Spring has officially arrived, and the new season feels fresh. As I was marveling at these ranunculus, I reflected on the happy occasions this bucket has been part of over the years. The bucket (and its relatives) held flowers on the tables at my son’s high school graduation party in our garden. Then, they became the floral centerpieces for the baby shower I hosted for my sister. I’ve given away several of the buckets, usually bearing flowers or fresh produce.

And now, just this one well-weathered bucket remains. Almost exactly two years ago, when the pandemic became “official,” the bucket assumed a new role. Bloomers, a glorious shop full of flowers, plants, and branches, is just across from Stone Interiors. Patric Powell had to close his shop for who knew how long, and he invited his friends and neighbors to take home everything living. What a lovely gesture on a nerve-racking day. I chose a rubber tree plant, and it fit beautifully in My Bucket. It has thrived in my home for two years, a reminder of the neighborhood, my co-workers, and the easy camaraderie we have all missed.

Now we are back to the new normal. My rubber tree plant has relocated to the backyard, and My Bucket is brimming with ranunculus from Bloomers—and cautious optimism.