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No. 8: Welcome to my al fresco phone booth

Spring 2023

Ive described our deck at home as The Place where we gather. It is intentionally designed for us to be totally comfortable outdoors at any hour, to savor the light, the view, and the sounds.

I also have a favorite non-gathering outdoor spot. It is for talking, but not for socializing. I discovered it during the pandemic and spent many hours here, for a change of pace and a change of place. Now, I spend time here primarily on non-studio days. My al fresco phone booth is actually my phone bench, a length of long ago fallen trunk. This perch offers great views, constantly changing natural light, and excellent reception. I love to talk on the phone here, where I can be perfectly focused. I walk down through some brambles, and in a Marin minute, I am in my space, just out of sight from anyone on the trail: my private outdoor room. Nature is gifted at creating spaces that simply feel good, and I chose my spot because of how it felt.

Here’s the cloudscape from my phone bench on a recent brisk Saturday afternoon. With the return of daylight savings time this month, I am looking forward to après-work interludes on my bench, with or without my phone.

Wishing you a verdant spring —